Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Best Mickey´s fans

This scene I finished it six months ago, but I have not gotten before have good photos. The idea came to me to see an illustration, and I thought it might be nice if I developed and carried it to 3D.

The process has been quite fast because it was very clear what he wanted and transmit, and probably has been working with the one I had fun with both the creation of the field and with paint.

The title clearly reflects what was the main idea of the scene : The best fans of Mickey. Rats are animals that usually awaken quite dislike , disgust and even fear among the people, and are associated with poverty and "unhygienic " areas. Just the opposite happens with Mickey , a cute and adorable mouse that both children and adults hold dear, and is also a money maker . So it is normal for older fans of Mickey are conspecifics, wishing I could someday be treated and live a life as easy as Mickey.

Here you can see photos of the completed work from various views :  


But as I said, apart from the main idea, there are other secondary and personal details I wanted to add. Some of them are:

- Despite being a scene clearly fantasy, I wanted to put him elements and historical details, because I like when they are related. Therefore, I wanted to make a connection between the main characters and other elements that can be found and the scene. As I said, the main thing is watching on television mice Mickey, but for example on the shelf found a comic that I own and what I liked: Maus, by Art Spiegelman. The connection of this element with the mice and the historical branch is given because in it we are told biography of Vladek Spiegelman, a survivor of the Nazi death camps Polish Jew, told through his son Art, a cartoonist . To do this, he draws Jews with head of rats, the Nazis with heads of cats, and the Poles pigs heads.

- The comic is related to the soldier photo. This soldier is Werner Goldberg, who in 1939, a Berlin newspaper called it "the ideal German soldier" because of his discipline. He even used his photo in recruitment campaigns for the Nazi army. But in 1940 he was expelled to discover that the considered ideal German soldier was really Jewish.

- Finally, the photo is associated with the image of Mickey on TV, and theories abound accused Walt Disney of being a Nazi in the shade. One of the "evidence" to which reference is less often performed to support the theory of their political inclination toward Nazism, is the movie starring Mickey Mouse 1932 The Wayward Canary where you could see in the house of Mickey Mouse himself a lighter with a swastika. Although circumstantial, the reality is that the film was released in November 1932, right between The seventh and eighth Parliamentary Elections in Germany, elections who saw Hitler came to the power.

Apart from this, I have added other details, but said earlier have a more personal meaning and therefore do not think important to discuss.

I think in the end it has been a pretty scene, and different from what we usually see and do. Hope you like it.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Berserker Half-Orc

This bust is sculpted for my friend Antonio Fernandez (Piqui) for his own brand, Outworld Miniatures, under the seal of Heroes&Villains.

I wanted to represent a Half-Orc, inspired in this race of the videogame The Elder Scrolls.

I hope you like.


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Designing bases

Today I have been designing potential sites for my next figure because I have not very clear where to place it. I thought three options: a lift (outside), a room, or a hospital (my favourite). Which do you prefer?


Monday, September 30, 2013

Sandor Clegane "The Hound"

Long time since I updated the blog with my latest work. I finished it several months ago, but I had not taken photos so far.

It has been my first bust, and my first serious approach to sculpture. Obviously I did not mean to make a perfect portrait of the character of The Hound in Game of Thrones, because it is not within my means, but I'd settle for that people could recognize him and that he resembled the actor playing this character in the HBO serie, and I think I have achieved this much, so I've been very happy with the result.


Monday, September 2, 2013

In the working desk

I know, lately I have forgotten the blog a bit, but that does not mean there are not painted anything new. In fact, even I have the last two jobs I ended up: a bust scratch a Game of Thrones character and a scene from an illustration. I hope to show you pictures of them soon (I want something retouch bust). I will try to not pass this month, really...

After this, I indicated a little of what I have now on my desk:

- First, and seen that I liked the theme of the busts, I'm with one sculpted by my friend Piqui and it will be one of the first developments of its conpany, " Outworls Miniatures ". Stay tuned, because it sure will pleasantly surprise you, and he will present his first works in the Euro Militaire 2013. As I say, right now is I'm bringing more, but until it is present in public I can not show you anything.  

- On the other hand, with my friends Fran ( fstar ), Chema , and Adri ( surfneil ), I have started a joint project. Because we love miniatures Rackham brand, we will paint us each a very similar goblin. For this, the selected miniatures are:  

And the miniature on the left of the following picture: 

In the first three, they are painting, from left to right, Adri, Chema, and Fran. I'm painting the Goblin-rat on the left of the last photo.

This joint project is simply an excuse to get everyone from time to time to paint us and see how we go with a similar mini, advise and see the final result, so it will progress slowly.

For my part I started just to try the skin tone and tone it a bit to see how the scheme would I have thought. I hope to post pictures of this process as you progress.

- Finally, I have the Zombie Girl Knight Models assembled, prepared and primed, but I have not clear yet what base do it, because I do not want do the typical street or road, so that I have a little stop until I will have a good inspiration :)